Thank you to the UW Fiji House

Retreat: UW HUB with Fiji House

Retreat: UW HUB with Fiji House

Much Thanks to the young men from the Fiji House for hosting our young adults on the UW campus this past April.


I had the pleasure of meeting these young men and was so impressed with their generosity and the time they spent with us.


Our time with these young men started on the 1st day of our “adult weekend retreat”.  We met them at their Frat House and then went for a tour of several buildings on campus.  I wasn’t there for these beginning activities; I met them as they were meeting for lunch at the Hub.


I was so impressed as I watched the interactions and relationships that had formed in such a short period of time.  These young men were so personable and really connected with our group.  We shared several pizzas, drinks, stories and laughter as we were getting to know one another.


Our next event with them was spent bowling in the Hub building on Campus.  They treated us to several games and everyone had a blast.  There were some (including me) that said they weren’t very good at the sport but it didn’t stop us from participating and having a great time.  This was a great activity as I watched many show their competitive spirit and cheer each other on thru the game.  Fun was had by all!


I can’t thank these young men enough for taking time out of their day and schedules (many were taking mid-term tests that day and had classes to attend).  That didn’t stop them from joining us to host our day on campus.   This was an amazingly positive, fun and great beginning of a weekend our young adults would spend together.


I hope to see some of these young men at future events; until then we send them lots of love and support for continued success as they accomplish their goals thru college and beyond.


Thanks and Appreciation to the young men of Fiji House for an awesome day!


Peggy Harris