UW Fiji House Cycle for Sickle Cell

Fiji House

Each year the University of Washington Fiji Fraternity puts on a fundraiser known as Major Project.  This year we chose to partner with Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force as our beneficiary.

One of the freshman’s mom works for the organization and informed us of their camp in August.  We felt that this would be a great opportunity for us to help fund their camp this summer.  As a house, we reached out to family and friends for support to raise enough money to fund the camp.  Since November, we have been fundraising and spreading the word about this cause.

In addition to fundraising, we also come up with an event that the house does together.  Our vision for this year’s Major Project was to bring the camp to the kids by going the distance to send these kids to camp.  On April 3, 2016 a group of 60 men biked from the Fiji house, at University of Washington, through downtown Seattle to the Burton Camp on Vashon Island.  The ride began early in the morning with three different groups of bikers.  We rode through the University of Washington campus and onto Eastlake Avenue.  Once downtown, we made our way to Alaskan Way and then over the West Seattle Bridge.  Here we regrouped and took the Alki Trail around to the Vashon Ferry.  After arriving on Vashon Island, we made the trek up the hill and across the island to the camp.  As we gathered at the camp, we took a group photo and got a chance to see where these kids would be spending time in August.

A few weeks after the ride, we got the opportunity to meet a few of the young adults who have sickle cell anemia.  We showed them around our house, the University of Washington campus, and went bowling.  It was such a great experience and inspiring to hear their stories.

By: Mason Delahooke

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