Sickle Cell Disease Association of America -44th Annual Convention

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 44th Conference   I had the awesome privilege to travel to Baltimore in September to attend the 44th Annual Sickle Cell Convention sponsored by the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. I went to the convention with the hopes to be informed and inspired to continue the work of supporting those in our community […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Smokey (15 years of volunteering )

SPOTLIGHT!!   Mr. Doug Woodson   It was such a privilege to talk with Mr. Doug Woodson, aka Smokey, about his involvement in Sickle Cell Camp, and what continues to bring him back, year after year.   Doug is a retired Seattle Firefighter, he worked for the fire department for 27 years, and now he is enjoying his time doing what […]

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Sickle Cell Camp 2016- My First Experience

When I first learned that I was going to Sickle Cell Camp with my sister. I was very nervous and scared. I was nervous because I didn’t know anybody who was going to attend the same camp except for my sister. And I didn’t know what to expect. I had mixed feelings and as the camp day approached I wasn’t […]

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Crag Jr.

Sickle Cell Free

Sickle Cell Free: Not FREE The road to freedom from Sickle Cell is certainly not free but I am blessed to say that it is attainable! Craig Jr. was born with Hemoglobin SC and is 13 years old. He has suffered multiple crises throughout his life. He is number 3 of 6 children. The only one born with Sickle Cell. […]

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December 2016 NEWS

December NEWS Articles include: Sickle Cell Walk, Camp, Craig Jr. Transplant update, 44th Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 44th Annual Convention overview. View the complete December 2016 Newsletter.      

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Huery family

Transplant Impacts Everyone

I had the privilege to speak with an amazing family : Jason (Dad), Tanishia (Mom),  Deidre (grandma), Jason Jr. , Janique , Jasyra ,  and Jahreem. The Huery family lives in Tacoma, but for now they are managing 2 homes: one in Tacoma and one in Seattle.   Jason Jr. is preparing to begin a bone marrow transplant at Seattle Children’s […]

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College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update

______________________________________________________________ Karim How has school been for you this year? Honestly it’s been great. I have been in a learning environment and I’ve gotten stronger using the school gym. I might get the chance to run the gym as an intern for the athletic coordinator. I have also met a lot of people and I appreciate everyone’s help for everything. […]

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Jasmine had her transplant in June of 2014. We had all of our children tested to see if any of them were a match for her. Christopher was the one who matched her perfectly, right down to the same blood type.   We had at least two counseling sessions with SCCA and multiple tests to see where she was before […]

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College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update

      Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship recipients: Karim and Seraj. I got the chance to check in with them about their school year.         Seraj  How has school been for you this year?   I am excited that I will graduate from Seattle Central College by the end of the summer. I am only taking […]

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June Education Session at Round Table in Federal Way

Education Series: Pain Treatment with Dr Walco

I have truly enjoyed the Educations Series sponsored by the Task Force this spring. We have really had some amazing guest speakers and I have learned so much. In June Dr Gary Walco, Director of Pain Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, came and spoke with us about pain treatment. Some highlights from this session include: In the past 10 years […]

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Laughing Yoga Session

Nikki E. Akparewa, RN, MSN/MPH is an advanced practice nurse and wellness coach who loves to use the joyful nature of laughter to help people create healing in their bodies by building awareness of self. Laughter Yoga even strengthens the immune system which not only prevents you from falling sick, but also helps to heal a variety of illnesses like hypertension, heart […]

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Applying for SSI, Personal Perspective

Living with Sickle Cell Anemia involves much more than just dealing with a horrible and painful disease, it affects you & your family’s lives on daily basis financially as well. In fact the financial part & obligations can be more stressful and painful than the disease itself, & they don’t stop just because you’re sick. I’m sure some financial guru […]

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Phases of Clinical Trials

Education Session Our mission is to continue to provide our Sickle Cell community with updated information about Sickle Cell disease and other topics that promote healthy living in body and mind. Special Thank you to Terry Anderson , PhD, who came to our March education session and talked with us about Clinical Trials. ________________________________________________________ Clinical trials are an essential part […]

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Retreat: UW HUB with Fiji House

Thank you to the UW Fiji House

Much Thanks to the young men from the Fiji House for hosting our young adults on the UW campus this past April.   I had the pleasure of meeting these young men and was so impressed with their generosity and the time they spent with us.   Our time with these young men started on the 1st day of our “adult […]

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Young Adult Retreat

We are Family: Adult Retreat

We were so excited this year to provide our adults (18andolder) the opportunity to gather and share in experience and laughter together Special thank you to: UW Fiji house, Chef Rokea, and Yoga instructor Eunice, for making this weekend so special for our adults impacted by Sickle Cell Disease. ______________________________________________________________ “We Were Family”:  by Alexander McLean 2016 was the year where […]

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Education Series: Hydroxyurea Recap

Dr. Bender spoke about Hydroxyurea. Hydroxyurea is a drug used for more than 20 years to reduce the likely hood of Sickle Cell pain crisis. Hydroxyurea is recommended by Dr. Bender and the Metropolitan Sickle Cell Task Force. Dr. Bender talked about the mechanism of action of Hydroxyurea which is the ability to increase fetal hemoglobin. A 2006 study by […]

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Fiji House

UW Fiji House Cycle for Sickle Cell

Each year the University of Washington Fiji Fraternity puts on a fundraiser known as Major Project.  This year we chose to partner with Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force as our beneficiary. One of the freshman’s mom works for the organization and informed us of their camp in August.  We felt that this would be a great opportunity for us […]

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Teens Writing from the Heart of Illness and Healing


Teens Writing from the Heart of Illness & Healing is an week workshop for teens living with chronic health or mental health issues. It is being held at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in the central area and is open to teens aged 12 to 18 years. It is free.

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Spotlight: April Farrell-Hasty


April Farrell Hasty was visiting Seattle for a conference from her home in Tampa, FL, and took time to drop by one of the Seattle Task Force meetings. April has Sickle Cell Anemia. She was diagnosed at two years old and is 51 years young now.

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Farewell to Dr. Hobbs


We sadly say goodbye to a valuable friend and partner Dr. Bill Hobbs. Dr. Hobbs is very grateful for the relationships that he has formed over the years while fulfilling his roles at the Puget Sound Blood Center, University of Washington, and at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

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Sickle Cell Camp 2013

Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force provides an annual camp (we just celebrated its 21st year) for local kids with Sickle Cell Disease at no charge to their families. To view photos, click on photo link or caption link. Published in September 2013 newsletter

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Prescription Pill Dangers

Many people go through everyday aches and pains. Some people suffer because of old sports injuries, some from various accidents, and others because of disease. Most people rely on prescription pain relievers given to them by a doctor and don’t really consider some of the long-term effects. We in the Sickle Cell community depend on these medications and need to be informed about what we use.

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Camp Korey: Family Camp

2013-09-camp-korey-site-thumbnailCamp Korey is a nonprofit organization, which provides camping programs to children living with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions free of charge. They are located in Carnation, Washington…

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Getting Involved: Introducing Ms. Salome Njenga


Salome Njenga is one of the newest members of the MSSCTF. She works at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) in the laboratory. Salome is one of the nurses who work with Sickle Cell families when they come in to do their lab work for exchanges.

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A Personal Story about Pain

What is pain? Some say that pain is just a mental sign of weakness. Some say it’s the physical aspect of the growth and regeneration of your body. Do you remember when you were a kid and you got hurt or were sick and your parents or guardian told you that it was all in your mind? Well that may have actually been true in many cases.

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