“Based on the recommendations from the CDC, children with sickle cell disease in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties should work with their school on a plan that allows distance learning. Individuals that live outside of those counties should refer to their local Department of Health for further guidance.


Sickle cell disease does not impact the body’s ability to fight viral infections. It is really bacterial infections that we worry about. But, just as with rhinovirus or influenza, a viral infection can cause sickling, pain, splenic sequestration, and acute chest syndrome.


During this tough time it is really important to remember the basics: Hydrate! Get plenty of sleep. Wash your hands. Eat healthy. It is also important to find joy in the day; play with your children, take your dog for a walk, practice some yoga, laugh, listen to joyful music. It is important to stay informed, but also really important for mental health to give yourself breaks from the news and social media. 


Please check in with your healthcare team sooner rather than later if you develop fever, cough, chest pain, or difficulty breathing.”


From our local medical providers- Seattle 

Contact Numbers for Local Clinics 

Mary Bridge – 253-403- 3481  (Mon.- Fri.) 8am- 4pm  / After hours pager (253) 594-9578

Seattle Children’s –  Urgent ~206-987-2000 and for the sickle cell team /  Non- Urgent ~ 206-987_7263

Seattle Cancer Care ~ 206-606-1621

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