More Resources on Facebook

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Here are lots of great Facebook pages for the Sickle Cell community:

  • Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force: The Task Force works to disseminate information to the community and provide direct support to people with Sickle Cell Disease. Since 1994, the Task Force has been a grassroots non-profit organization empowered to seek knowledge and demonstrate support for people with sickle cell disease old and young. We are families and individuals affected by sickle cell making a difference in the community.
  • Seattle-Sickle Cell Task Force: This is the Original Face Book page dedicated and designed to furnish information about Sickle Cell Disease in Seattle and the Northwest.
  • I Testify: A Sickle Cell Story: Talking in the comfort of your home with people that know Sickle Cell disease, no judgement and no defamation of character, just compassion and a shoulder to lean on
  • Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group Inc.: We help people establish a better life style through natural health and universal knowledge

Published in September 2013 newsletter