Farewell to Dr. Hobbs

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If you would like to contact Dr. Hobbs please email him at whobbs@gmail.com

If you would like to contact Dr. Hobbs please email him at whobbs@gmail.com

We sadly say goodbye to a valuable friend and partner Dr. Bill Hobbs. Dr. Hobbs is very grateful for the relationships that he has formed over the years while fulfilling his roles at the Puget Sound Blood Center, University of Washington, and at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Dr. Hobbs recently accepted a position with Biogen-Idec as an Associate Medical Director in the Hematology Clinical Development Group. This group is responsible for evaluating drugs and designing clinical trials in respect to Sickle Cell Disease.

According to Hobbs, there is more interest in developing drugs and therapies for Sickle Cell by drug companies; however, it is very expensive to create and test drugs and therapies.

Biogen-Idec started developing drugs for multiple sclerosis and is now branching out into Sickle Cell. He sees the outlook to be brighter in the longer term (10-15 years).

Dr. Hobbs encourages us to stay strong, fight for community programs related to Sickle Cell and to continue to build bridges with others not only locally but nationally as well.

The Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force wishes Dr. Bill Hobbs and his family much love and success. He will always be part of our family.

The University of Washington is currently forming a search committee to find a replacement for Dr. Hobbs. Thank you to everyone who wrote letters to the University. The Task Force would also like to especially thank Dr. Bender for his hard work during this transition and advocacy for a continued adult care Sickle Cell Program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the UW.

Published in January 2014 newsletter. Written by Ken West