Spotlight: April Farrell-Hasty

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April Farrell Hasty

April Farrell Hasty

April Farrell Hasty was visiting Seattle for a conference from her home in Tampa, FL, and took time to drop by one of the Seattle Task Force meetings.

April has Sickle Cell Anemia. She was diagnosed at two years old and is 51 years young now. She is the mother of two, a daughter and son, both of whom have the trait. She also has a grandson who does not have any form of SC. She states that she gets sick less than most people with SC because of her diet and exercise regimen. April has been a vegetarian for over 27 years and practices yoga daily. She feels yoga has helped her with her pain issues. She also states she has mild kidney damage. April has been a yoga teacher for about 20 years and has studied Spanish for many years. April is very active in her local SC community and plans retreats with doctors and adult SC patients. She has found that adults with SC are much more sick than they need to be because

Her involvement in the Community Outreach Program includes help with creating a group to mentor kids, talk with patients, as well as support parents. Young adults with SC who are in college are taught how to monitor things like lab values and understand medical jargon, among other things. She attends monthly meetings and helps families work through the bereavement process when their loved one passes. In December they have a toy drive and Christmas party and a SC walk.

The Bridging the Gap Community focuses on 16-­ to 21‐year­‐olds, and teaches them how to talk to their doctors about their care. The teens and adults talk, and the adults tell their stories to the teens, teach them about their medications, and tell them what to expect in adult care.

April has written an article regarding teens transitioning to adult care for the Sickle Cell Warrior’s page that I have included in this newsletter. Please check it out. It is full of great information regarding the transition to adult care. I really enjoyed talking with April. She is more than willing to share more of her ideas with us at any time. We thank you, April, for your willingness to visit us through our newsletter.

If anyone is interested in some good vegetarian recipes, here are a couple websites you can visit: and April says her favorite recipes include vegetarian lasagna and coconut soup. Happy cooking!

Published in January 2014 newsletter.