College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update





How has school been for you this year?

Honestly it’s been great. I have been in a learning environment and I’ve gotten stronger using the school gym. I might get the chance to run the gym as an intern for the athletic coordinator. I have also met a lot of people and I appreciate everyone’s help for everything. I love south campus! It has been nothing but improvement and I plan to be there for future quarters with the aid from the Task Force of course.

What has been the hardest part of the school year?

I would say the hardest part of school is getting the work done, putting effort into it, and paying attention. It’s also hard to know what you want to study. You can start something then find out you don’t like it or it’s too hard so then you have to start over with a new subject. I would also say going through the financial aid process is very difficult too and long. But I have learned from all this.

Did you have any health problems this year?

Yes I would say 60/40. I have just had to get a better routine to stay caught up while I m sick and let my teachers know what’s going on. I also have to do a better job of being on top of my pain the days I go to school.


I am going to Canada in July!



Foxy Davison