College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update






Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship recipients: Karim and Seraj.

I got the chance to check in with them about their school year.






How has school been for you this year?


I am excited that I will graduate from Seattle Central College by the end of the summer. I am only taking science classes because of my engineering major.


What has been the hardest part of the school year?

This year was the hardest year for me because I started Hydroxyurea. I had a very bad sickle cell attack on my way to California to visit my cousin. I ended up in the hospital for two weeks.


Is the Hydroxyurea helping?

I think it is helping me, but when I first started it I got headaches a lot and felt tired most of the time. Now I am feeling well with no side effects.


What are your plans after graduating?

I will transfer to a university in Seattle, hopefully UW Bothell. I have also applied to Seattle University. So I am waiting to hear from them.


What’s something fun you are doing over the summer?

I am taking 20 credits this summer: math, chemistry, engineering, and computer science. I don’t think I can do something fun from June – Aug 17. After that I think I will go back home to Saudi Arabia for 2 weeks.