We are Family: Adult Retreat

Young Adult Retreat

We were so excited this year to provide our adults (18andolder) the opportunity to gather and share in experience and laughter together Special thank you to: UW Fiji house, Chef Rokea, and Yoga instructor Eunice, for making this weekend so special for our adults impacted by Sickle Cell Disease.


“We Were Family”:  by Alexander McLean

2016 was the year where we took time to bring all the older people together to connect, share how life has been for us and talk about what steps we have taken to remain healthy. It was a chance to relax without having to watch out for a cabin filled with youth.

On Friday, the  Fiji House of University of Washington welcomed us for a campus tour, lunch, and bowling. Upon our arrival to the rental house we resided in for the weekend the faces of each person told it all. It was like camp for first timers. The awe, the anticipation plastered upon each face as person after person ran off to find where they would sleep. No one could imagine this group of young and more seasoned adults had not seen each other in a year or more. Everyone jumped right in to help the other. We needed no icebreakers it seemed like.

From anyone on the outside looking in you would think we were family. On this weekend in April we were just that. The hardest part of this weekend was trying to narrow down all the activities that were suggested to these big kids at heart! It seemed like we were subconsciously preparing ourselves for what camp would be like. Go-karting, a walk, golfing, paintball, laser tag, cooking challenge and many other great ideas were thrown out into the pool of suggestions. Laugher and tears were passed around as we connected and loved on each other as we remembered some of our brothers and sisters we lost along the way in this fight against Sickle Cell.

You could not ask for any closer groups of friends. As the weekend winded down laughs were again shared as we were regaled with the Bat Story as well as the other random moments that took place. Going our separate ways no one really wanted to go home. We can not wait to do it again next year.

As we went our separate ways the anticipation grew for our next even. Camp, coming right around the corner were we could once again forge our bonds now with the next generation in tow. This is how life should be; shared and filled with love, laughter and family.