Life after Transplant

Life after Transplant

It has now been 3 years since Jasmine and her family’s life changed forever. In July of 2013 Jasmine had the opportunity to undergo a transplant with hopes to cure her sickle cell disease. The transplant was very hard. Jasmine had to be in isolation and separate from her friends and family. The transplant was a success and Jasmine is now back home with her family enjoying the holiday season.

“Life has been better all around.” Jasmine.

Before the transplant Jasmine recalls having constant migraines and pain crisis. Now she still does have headaches every now and again and even experiences some pain but nothing like before. “I am not completely cured from sickle cell because I now have the sickle cell trait, so I have to expect some kind of pain I guess”.

After transplant Jasmine and her parents decided to do online school for her 7th grade year. “It was kind of boring. I would finish quickly and then just sit around,” says Jasmine.   She returned to school her 8th grade year. She was excited to reconnect with friends. “I was able to go out more with my friends. I can even go out in the cold and stay out longer”, says Jasmine.

Jasmine is now a sophomore in high school at Decatur in Federal Way. Her favorite subjects are history and art. “I like to learn about all that happened in the past and connect them to what’s happen now”.

Jasmine hopes to eventually go into nursing. “I loved how comforting the nurses and doctors were to me. I would want to do that for someone else one day.”

Jasmine also loves working with kids and she was on her way to babysit right after our interview.

To those thinking about a transplant Jasmine advice is “ I know you might be scared. It’s hard not to be, but try to learn as much as you can about the process. And think about doing it earlier than later. “





Jasmine’s artwork