The Power of the Snow Suit

The Power of the Snowsuit!

Every year since my daughter Trinity was born, winter has brought a certain level of anxiety to our household. We love the season; however, wintry weather requires us to remain on high alert to keep her warm and healthy. We have a growing list of items that help with this mission: tights, wool thermal wear, long johns, hand warmers, gloves, hats, wool socks, water resistant clothes, and other appropriate winter attire. This winter we have added the SNOWSUIT.

Towards the beginning of the cold season, a friend dropped off snowsuits for all of our kids.

Now one might think we were planning to go skiing, snowboarding, or at least snow shoeing with our new gear. Nope! Not the Davison family! However, I assure you the snowsuits are getting lot of use, well, at least Trinity’s.

Artwork by Trinity Davison

These past few weeks Trinity has been rocking her snowsuit every day. Yep, I said every day. Does she like to wear I t? Well at first, no. She complained she was too hot and could not walk. It was comical to see her stumble to the door. She now knows how to put on her suit and is even able to run in it. Better yet, Trinity has experienced less pain this year than in years prior. The snow suit has been such a great addition to our family’s winter attire. We are now less anxious when getting out and about in the wind, rain and cold weather. If your child struggles with staying warm this winter, try the snowsuit. To all of the fashion-conscious readers out there, snow suit’s come in all sorts of styles and colors!

Artwork by Trinity Davison