Condolences to the Engram Family

I am saddened to announce that Bobbi Engram has passed away. Bobbi and her father former Seattle Seahawk Bobby Engram are very active in the local Sickle Cell community including building the Seattle Sickle Cell Walk and attending the Northwest Sickle Cell Camp. Bobbi (20) was attending Towson University and planning to work in the Sickle Cell community. Please keep the Engram family in your thoughts and prayers.

We continue to be reminded that people are dying from complications of Sickle Cell Disease and very little is being done, this is the status quo and will continue to be the rule until we the Sickle Cell community make more noise, raise our voices, take to social media and other forms of communication to call attention to the terrors of Sickle Cell Disease.
We need to be the change, the voice, the face of Sickle Cell. We need to be the ones to say enough is enough, there needs to be more research, there needs to be more education, there needs to be more cures, there needs to be more people telling their stories, this is not the time to hide and be timid.

Ken West
President Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force