Marcus Trufant Bowl-a-Thon

Our family is what some would call a large family.  Going to events is a treat but mostly a rare treat.  You can imagine our excitement when November 5th arrived and my family loaded up the car and drove to attend the Marcus Truant’s 15th annual celebrity bowling and billiard classic.


The atmosphere was fun, lively and interactive. The drum line, the Sea Gals, getting to get autographs and meet some players as well as the great food and games created a perfect combination of fun for all!  In the day to day life of our son, sickle cell is an undercurrent of reality as he continues to learn to navigate the complexities of this disease.  Opportunities like the Trufant’s event gave some light into the day to day processing and allowed for PLAY!


We are glad that we got to get out and join MSSCTF in supporting the Trufant foundation to give our donations to help grant opportunities for youth and their families in our community.


With many many thanks


The Blaske family

and oh…the best take-away has been watching our son come into the room when there is a Seahawks game on the TV and they span to capture some footage of the Seagals and our son proudly says “ya, I got to meet them…oh yes I did!” High light of that 15 year old’s day for sure!