Tamika Moseley’s sickle cell Journey!

I have a son who has sickle cell disease.  Sickle Cell is a fatal blood disease that affects the red blood cells; it’s when a person’s body does not produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.  The blood cells die off every 10-20 days which leads to the blood “sickling” turning “moon shape” or “crescent shape” this causes the cells to get stuck in the vessels and when this happens, it leads to chronic pain, strokes, organ damage and unfortunately death.  Millions of people globally are suffering from this debilitating disease and millions are dying. 

My son suffered multiple crisis at the age of 1yrs old, he was hospitalized every 2-3 months with splenic sequestration crisis and general pain crisis.  Shortly afterwards, he received multiple blood transfusions, because his body could not keep up producing red blood cells on its own.   It was at this moment, I decided to turn from all western medication and turn towards plant medicine.  We watched our son suffer for an entire year and saw his health deteriorating right in front of us.   We immediately changed our diet to more plant-based foods, we cut out white sugar and all process foods and since my son was very young, I also turned to herbs, which is the same as food, this way I could get them in his system faster and began to work. 

I found things such as liquid chlorophyll and Even Flo.  Chlorophyll is found in all leafy green vegetables and it gives plants it’s green pigment.  Chlorophyll is very similar to human’s hemoglobin; the only difference is the center atom in chlorophyll is magnesium and the center atom in hemoglobin is iron.  Even Flo, is an all-natural supplement that consist of herbs, enzymes and minerals and these 2 supplements manages the root cause in sickle cell by keeping the body consistently producing red blood cells on a consistent basis, increases oxygen and also raise hemoglobin. 

Today, my son is 10yrs old and he has not had a crisis in 9years.  He plays sports, swims, travels, and live a normal, happy productive life!  I was inspired by my journey and my sons’ condition, in 2010, I decided to write a book about my journey called “Sickle Cell Natural Healing” A Mothers Journey, in hopes to be an inspiration to others who are suffering.  I spend majority of my time consulting and speaking globally on sickle cell and natural ways to manage so people can have a better quality of life.   

I later partnered with Healing Blends Global, the maker of Even Flo and today, we have conducted a double-blind study at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu Kenya at the Obama Children’s Clinic with Even Flo and the results are astonishing!  Ninety-seven percent of the patients, while taking Even Flo, did not have any crisis during the entire study.   Our hope is to see every child and adult suffering from sickle cell disease globally, to understand the power of plant medicine.