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Cascade Parent Partnership School Making Inventions for Sickle Cell

  Over the past few months the kids at Cascade have been learning about famous inventions. Their teacher Mrs. Anu has used her course to teach history while at the same time teaching social issues with the hopes to encourage her students to use their understanding and creativity to create inventions that can help someone else. During the winter break the students were challenged to create an invention that would… Read More »Cascade Parent Partnership School Making Inventions for Sickle Cell

Reflection from Lunch and Learn

I attended the Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force lunch and learn 11/10/18 presented by Tamika Moseley. Tamika shared information about her and her son’s experience with sickle cell disease including medical care and herbal remedies. As a member of a medical practice team I don’t have experience with the herbal remedies Tamika discussed. She shared the most successful herbal product Evenflo has been studied in Kenya and will be published. I… Read More »Reflection from Lunch and Learn


This past fall two of our Task Force Members were able to attend the writing workshop with Pongo. The Pongo Poetry Project helps people speak their truth creatively, especially about difficult experiences. We know that poetry of this type is healing for those who write it and for those who witness it. It’s human nature to be private about our pain, but sometimes we can suffer in this way and… Read More »PONGO WRITING WORSKSHOP

Tamika Moseley’s sickle cell Journey!

I have a son who has sickle cell disease.  Sickle Cell is a fatal blood disease that affects the red blood cells; it’s when a person’s body does not produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.  The blood cells die off every 10-20 days which leads to the blood “sickling” turning “moon shape” or “crescent shape” this causes the cells to get stuck in the vessels and… Read More »Tamika Moseley’s sickle cell Journey!

Marcus Trufant Bowl-a-Thon

Our family is what some would call a large family.  Going to events is a treat but mostly a rare treat.  You can imagine our excitement when November 5th arrived and my family loaded up the car and drove to attend the Marcus Truant’s 15th annual celebrity bowling and billiard classic.   The atmosphere was fun, lively and interactive. The drum line, the Sea Gals, getting to get autographs and meet… Read More »Marcus Trufant Bowl-a-Thon

Scholarship Recipients: First Quarter Update

D’Anya Lewis   Fall 2018 was my first quarter of college at the University of Washington Bothell and it was all that I expected it to be and more. I enjoyed all my courses and plan on taking more than the 19 credits for winter quarter. There was an emotional and physical toll that I was not expecting, and it made my participation in school very difficult. Having Sickle Cell… Read More »Scholarship Recipients: First Quarter Update


We are conducting a study to better understand the associations among pain, fatigue, emergency department use, disruptions in valued activities, perceived control, and quality of life among adults living with sickle cell disease. We want to find out more about quality of life in sickle cell by asking you – the people who know best. Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. All responses that you provide are completely confidential.… Read More »RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS NEEDED

Seeing Things Through

This has not been the easiest year in the Davison home. In April during our family spring break trip our 12-year-old son started having pain. We were ready with our normal pain regimen and knew that in a few days it would go away. Days went by, weeks, and even months. We tried soooooo many things over the months to help. He was complaining of sickle cell pain but also… Read More »Seeing Things Through

Condolences to the Engram Family

I am saddened to announce that Bobbi Engram has passed away. Bobbi and her father former Seattle Seahawk Bobby Engram are very active in the local Sickle Cell community including building the Seattle Sickle Cell Walk and attending the Northwest Sickle Cell Camp. Bobbi (20) was attending Towson University and planning to work in the Sickle Cell community. Please keep the Engram family in your thoughts and prayers. We continue… Read More »Condolences to the Engram Family

Congratulations Beria Heyman

Beria graduated from Rainier Beach High School and is on her way to college. She is hoping to go to Howard and says she aim’s to achieve everything she deserves. She expressed feeling blessed to have so many people to help along the way. From the times she felt less motivated in school and times when her health took its tolls on her leading to days she felt like giving… Read More »Congratulations Beria Heyman

Congratulations D’Anya Lewis!

D’Anya graduated from Franklin High School with a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certificate. She spent her senior year in a program at West Seattle High in the morning and then traveled to Franklin in the afternoon to continue her high school studies. She traveled on from school many nights to her job at the Big Wheel on Seattle’s Waterfront. It was a busy year for her and she’s happy to… Read More »Congratulations D’Anya Lewis!

Congratulations John Masambe

Congratulations  John Masambe John graduated with his AA in health studies from Seattle Central Community College. John is proud to announce that he has been accepted into the University of Washington as he pursues his major in Healthcare Management and Leadership. John faced many health obstacles and the loss of his sister during his time at Seattle Central. He was forced to withdraw from college as his health declined making… Read More »Congratulations John Masambe

Attitude Check

An interview with Denise Bazemore   Imagine growing up with a constant feeling that you were not quite like everyone else. What would it be like to know that you were different and know that your peers knew you were different but never feeling comfortable enough to speak about that difference? This is how Denise Bazemore felt as a child. “At home my parents we so protective. I couldn’t wrestle… Read More »Attitude Check

Integrated Mental Health

A new service for Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic sickle cell families The Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) hematology team recognizes that many sickle cell families struggle to attend the various medical appointments necessary to manage their health. Families have indicated that adding additional visits for mental health – though critically needed – is just not feasible. This is despite the current evidence that indicates early mental health intervention and preventative… Read More »Integrated Mental Health

The Power of the Snow Suit

The Power of the Snowsuit! Every year since my daughter Trinity was born, winter has brought a certain level of anxiety to our household. We love the season; however, wintry weather requires us to remain on high alert to keep her warm and healthy. We have a growing list of items that help with this mission: tights, wool thermal wear, long johns, hand warmers, gloves, hats, wool socks, water resistant… Read More »The Power of the Snow Suit

Life after Transplant

Life after Transplant It has now been 3 years since Jasmine and her family’s life changed forever. In July of 2013 Jasmine had the opportunity to undergo a transplant with hopes to cure her sickle cell disease. The transplant was very hard. Jasmine had to be in isolation and separate from her friends and family. The transplant was a success and Jasmine is now back home with her family enjoying… Read More »Life after Transplant

Finding Unique Jobs

  Meet 17-year-old Josie Heyman. Josie is entering her senior year at Rainer Beach High School. She enjoys school although she admits her grades are not the best, “I know I can do better” says Josie. After completing high school Josie hopes to go on to pursue a degree in nursing. She really wants to go to an HBCU and right now her heart is set on Howard University in… Read More »Finding Unique Jobs

Community Organization of the Year: Washington Diamonds Drill Team

Washington Diamonds Drill Team The Washington Diamonds Drill Team was started in 2010 by director Fawn Sterling. Our mission is to involve youth from different backgrounds and cultures to come together and have fun, while developing team-building skills, thereby, teaching our youth respect for themselves and others, fostering professionalism, giving back to the community and celebrating our achievements. Our goals will be accomplished by having weekly practices where they are… Read More »Community Organization of the Year: Washington Diamonds Drill Team

Graduation Congratulations: Ibrahiam

Ibrahaim   You Did It!   Graduating from high school took a little longer for me than it should have; this year I buckled down and graduated with a 3.5 GPA from Garfield High School. My high school years were challenging, it wasn’t that the classes were hard; I wasn’t motivated or didn’t have any interest in classes or grades. I was in foster care and when my brother (Karim)… Read More »Graduation Congratulations: Ibrahiam

Graduation Congratulations : Malik

  Malik Lewis 1998 to Forever Congratulations Malik; you did it! Malik graduated from Franklin High in Seattle his senior year 2017.     School years weren’t always easy for me; I was in the hospital a lot when I was younger and had a couple of hospital stays during high school and many absentees because I was sick. Every time I was absent or in the hospital I got… Read More »Graduation Congratulations : Malik

Can I Really Trust Others with my Child?

  Can I really trust others with my child?   This weekend my husband and I were so excited go out for a long awaited date night away from our 3 kids.  We were planning to send them down to grandparents Saturday morning, but our daughter woke up early Friday morning with pain in her arm. NOOOOOOO! With another date-night slipping through our hands I decided to consider something I… Read More »Can I Really Trust Others with my Child?

What can we do to help

As a community coordinator I often get asked by individuals and/or groups who have been inspired by something they have recently learned about Sickle Cell: “What can we do to help”?  This has always been such a difficult question to answer. Sometimes it is hard to connect people who care with the work you are so passionate about. Yet this past weekend, during our 2nd Annual Adult Sickle Cell Retreat… Read More »What can we do to help

Five things to think about before you come to the Emergency Department

  Am I sick? Our first action in the Emergency Department is not just to control your pain, but to determine the source of your pain and see what treatment is needed.   If you think you are SICK, with fever, cough or other symptoms, then make sure we know that. Is this normal pain? It’s hard for us to understand your pain, so please let us know how bad it… Read More »Five things to think about before you come to the Emergency Department

College Life: Lessons Learned

I had the privilege to catch up with Laelah Ndifon this month. Laelah is currently a junior at Washington State University. Laelah graduated in 2014 from John F. Kennedy Catholic High School and she was so excited to be accepted at WSU. She was really looking forward to finally being independent and exercising unlimited freedom. She was nervous, however, about getting sick while away from home. So alongside her parents… Read More »College Life: Lessons Learned

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America -44th Annual Convention

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 44th Conference   I had the awesome privilege to travel to Baltimore in September to attend the 44th Annual Sickle Cell Convention sponsored by the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. I went to the convention with the hopes to be informed and inspired to continue the work of supporting those in our community impacted by Sickle Cell.   The conference did not disappoint!… Read More »Sickle Cell Disease Association of America -44th Annual Convention

SPOTLIGHT: Smokey (15 years of volunteering )

SPOTLIGHT!!   Mr. Doug Woodson   It was such a privilege to talk with Mr. Doug Woodson, aka Smokey, about his involvement in Sickle Cell Camp, and what continues to bring him back, year after year.   Doug is a retired Seattle Firefighter, he worked for the fire department for 27 years, and now he is enjoying his time doing what makes him happy. He heard about the Sickle Cell community… Read More »SPOTLIGHT: Smokey (15 years of volunteering )

Sickle Cell Camp 2016- My First Experience

When I first learned that I was going to Sickle Cell Camp with my sister. I was very nervous and scared. I was nervous because I didn’t know anybody who was going to attend the same camp except for my sister. And I didn’t know what to expect. I had mixed feelings and as the camp day approached I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. My parents encouraged me and… Read More »Sickle Cell Camp 2016- My First Experience

Sickle Cell Free

Sickle Cell Free: Not FREE The road to freedom from Sickle Cell is certainly not free but I am blessed to say that it is attainable! Craig Jr. was born with Hemoglobin SC and is 13 years old. He has suffered multiple crises throughout his life. He is number 3 of 6 children. The only one born with Sickle Cell. We found out about the possibility of a Bone Marrow… Read More »Sickle Cell Free

December 2016 NEWS

December NEWS Articles include: Sickle Cell Walk, Camp, Craig Jr. Transplant update, 44th Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 44th Annual Convention overview. View the complete December 2016 Newsletter.