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Blood Disorder Foundation of Washington
Did you know that the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington Supports all blood disorders? From patient assistance to advocacy, BDFW is here to help. Visit their website to learn more about each of their services and to contact them directly.

The OneSCvoice
oneSCDvoice | join our Sickle Cell Community
View the new “featured resources” collection focusing on topics and themes important to the SCD community.

The Pan Foundation
Washington, D.C., April 10, 2020—The PAN Foundation today opened a new patient assistance program for people living with sickle cell disease. Patients who qualify are eligible to receive $4,000 per year in financial assistance to pay for the deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance costs associated with their treatment for sickle cell disease.

Northwest Sickle Cell Collaborative
The Northwest Sickle Cell Collaborative makes life better for children and families with sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. We encourage, educate and empower them to take control of their health and improve their quality of life. By partnering with local health care providers, the state’s newborn screening program, families, schools and communities, we ensure that all those affected by sickle cell have access to education, resources, counseling and coordinated care.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA)
To advocate for and enhance our membership’s ability to improve the quality of health, life and services for individuals, families and communities affected by sickle cell disease and related conditions, while promoting the search for a cure for all people in the world with sickle cell disease.

American Sickle Cell Anemia Association
The American Sickle Cell Anemia Association (ASCAA) is an organization that provides quality and comprehensive services through diagnostic testing, evaluation, counseling and supportive services to individuals and families at risk for Sickle Cell Disease.

Foundation for Women and Girls with Blood Disorders
Undiagnosed, untreated blood disorders in women have medical consequences and unique issues at every life stage, creating the need for a foundation dedicated to education and awareness.

Clinical Trials
ClinicalTrials.gov is a Web-based resource that provides patients, their family members, health care professionals, researchers, and the public with easy access to information on publicly and privately supported clinical studies on a wide range of diseases and conditions.

Sickle Cell Information Center
The Sickle Cell Information Center began in 1997, shortly after internet communication took off. Founded by James R. Eckman, MD, Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology at the Winship Cancer Institute and Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics in Medical Genetics at Emory University School of Medicine, and Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc, DFAAPA, Academic Coordinator and Director of Admissions for the Emory University Physician Assistant Program,the org. has been the leading web-based resource for information about sickle cell disease for the past twenty years.

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