Life After Transplant

Jasmine had her transplant in June of 2014. We had all of our children tested to see if any of them were a match for her. Christopher was the one who matched her perfectly, right down to the same blood type.   We had at least two counseling sessions with SCCA and multiple tests to see where she was before the transplant so they could compare how she was doing… Read More »Life After Transplant

Spotlight: April Farrell-Hasty

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April Farrell Hasty was visiting Seattle for a conference from her home in Tampa, FL, and took time to drop by one of the Seattle Task Force meetings. April has Sickle Cell Anemia. She was diagnosed at two years old and is 51 years young now.

Camp Korey: Family Camp

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2013-09-camp-korey-site-thumbnailCamp Korey is a nonprofit organization, which provides camping programs to children living with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions free of charge. They are located in Carnation, Washington…

A Personal Story about Pain

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What is pain? Some say that pain is just a mental sign of weakness. Some say it’s the physical aspect of the growth and regeneration of your body. Do you remember when you were a kid and you got hurt or were sick and your parents or guardian told you that it was all in your mind? Well that may have actually been true in many cases.

Pain Control: An Interview with Robin Matthews

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Robin Matthews is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Robin graduated from Columbia School of Nursing, in New York, with an M.S. in 2009. Robin has been working with Sickle Cell patients at SCCA since November 2011.