Applying for SSI, Personal Perspective

Living with Sickle Cell Anemia involves much more than just dealing with a horrible and painful disease, it affects you & your family’s lives on daily basis financially as well. In fact the financial part & obligations can be more stressful and painful than the disease itself, & they don’t stop just because you’re sick. I’m sure some financial guru has estimated the financial burdens of the medical expenses are… Read More »Applying for SSI, Personal Perspective

Thank you to the UW Fiji House

Much Thanks to the young men from the Fiji House for hosting our young adults on the UW campus this past April.   I had the pleasure of meeting these young men and was so impressed with their generosity and the time they spent with us.   Our time with these young men started on the 1st day of our “adult weekend retreat”.  We met them at their Frat House and… Read More »Thank you to the UW Fiji House