The Power of the Snow Suit

The Power of the Snowsuit! Every year since my daughter Trinity was born, winter has brought a certain level of anxiety to our household. We love the season; however, wintry weather requires us to remain on high alert to keep her warm and healthy. We have a growing list of items that help with this mission: tights, wool thermal wear, long johns, hand warmers, gloves, hats, wool socks, water resistant… Read More »The Power of the Snow Suit

Education Series: Pain Treatment with Dr Walco

I have truly enjoyed the Educations Series sponsored by the Task Force this spring. We have really had some amazing guest speakers and I have learned so much. In June Dr Gary Walco, Director of Pain Medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, came and spoke with us about pain treatment. Some highlights from this session include: In the past 10 years the number of hospitalizations, opioids dependency, abuse and overdose has… Read More »Education Series: Pain Treatment with Dr Walco

Pain Control: An Interview with Robin Matthews

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Robin Matthews is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Robin graduated from Columbia School of Nursing, in New York, with an M.S. in 2009. Robin has been working with Sickle Cell patients at SCCA since November 2011.

Pizza Night: Pain Medicines Discussion Group

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Our last pizza night was held on October 20, 2012 at Round Table Pizza in Federal Way. The discussion topic for the evening was Pain Medication. We had a great group discussion and there were a range of ages present during the night.

What is Hydroxyurea?

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Is a chemotherapy agent with a potent effect on the bone marrow. The agent was used for many years to treat people with certain types of cancer. Hydroxyurea is an antineoplastic (cancer fighting) agent available for oral use as capsules to affect certain cells in the body such as cancer cells or sickle red blood cells. It can also be made into a liquid by a compounding pharmacy. Hydroxyurea and blood transfusion are our most powerful treatment options for significant complications in people with Sickle Cell Disease. Hydroxyurea will not cure SCD; however, it has been having surprising results in people with Sickle Cell.

Sickle Cell Pain with Dr. Bender

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Dr. Bender is a Doctor of Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Hematology at Odessa Brown’s Children’s Clinic in Seattle. He has been working with Sickle Cell patients for about 15 years.

Hemoxide: A New Alternative for Pain Relief?

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Sickle Cell Anemia affects over 70,000 people in the U.S. alone. For most people with the disease one consequence is severe pain. If they’re lucky, the pain lasts for a short while, but for many the pain can last for days, weeks, or even longer.