Sickle Cell Free

Sickle Cell Free: Not FREE The road to freedom from Sickle Cell is certainly not free but I am blessed to say that it is attainable! Craig Jr. was born with Hemoglobin SC and is 13 years old. He has suffered multiple crises throughout his life. He is number 3 of 6 children. The only one born with Sickle Cell. We found out about the possibility of a Bone Marrow… Read More »Sickle Cell Free

Transition from Teen to Adult with Sickle Cell

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What happens when your child becomes an adult? Your teen will leave home eventually and you want them to be well prepared. In this article read about what makes this transition difficult, going away to college, and tips for parents.

Camp Korey: Family Camp

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2013-09-camp-korey-site-thumbnailCamp Korey is a nonprofit organization, which provides camping programs to children living with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions free of charge. They are located in Carnation, Washington…