College Life: Lessons Learned

I had the privilege to catch up with Laelah Ndifon this month. Laelah is currently a junior at Washington State University. Laelah graduated in 2014 from John F. Kennedy Catholic High School and she was so excited to be accepted at WSU. She was really looking forward to finally being independent and exercising unlimited freedom. She was nervous, however, about getting sick while away from home. So alongside her parents… Read More »College Life: Lessons Learned

Life After Transplant

Jasmine had her transplant in June of 2014. We had all of our children tested to see if any of them were a match for her. Christopher was the one who matched her perfectly, right down to the same blood type.   We had at least two counseling sessions with SCCA and multiple tests to see where she was before the transplant so they could compare how she was doing… Read More »Life After Transplant

College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update

      Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship recipients: Karim and Seraj. I got the chance to check in with them about their school year.         Seraj  How has school been for you this year?   I am excited that I will graduate from Seattle Central College by the end of the summer. I am only taking science classes because of my engineering major.   What has… Read More »College Life: Scholarship Recipient Update