Life after Transplant

Life after Transplant It has now been 3 years since Jasmine and her family’s life changed forever. In July of 2013 Jasmine had the opportunity to undergo a transplant with hopes to cure her sickle cell disease. The transplant was very hard. Jasmine had to be in isolation and separate from her friends and family. The transplant was a success and Jasmine is now back home with her family enjoying… Read More »Life after Transplant

Sickle Cell Free

Sickle Cell Free: Not FREE The road to freedom from Sickle Cell is certainly not free but I am blessed to say that it is attainable! Craig Jr. was born with Hemoglobin SC and is 13 years old. He has suffered multiple crises throughout his life. He is number 3 of 6 children. The only one born with Sickle Cell. We found out about the possibility of a Bone Marrow… Read More »Sickle Cell Free

December 2016 NEWS

December NEWS Articles include: Sickle Cell Walk, Camp, Craig Jr. Transplant update, 44th Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 44th Annual Convention overview. View the complete December 2016 Newsletter.      

Transplant Impacts Everyone

I had the privilege to speak with an amazing family : Jason (Dad), Tanishia (Mom),  Deidre (grandma), Jason Jr. , Janique , Jasyra ,  and Jahreem. The Huery family lives in Tacoma, but for now they are managing 2 homes: one in Tacoma and one in Seattle.   Jason Jr. is preparing to begin a bone marrow transplant at Seattle Children’s Hospital. His father Jason Sr. is his donor. During the… Read More »Transplant Impacts Everyone

Life After Transplant

Jasmine had her transplant in June of 2014. We had all of our children tested to see if any of them were a match for her. Christopher was the one who matched her perfectly, right down to the same blood type.   We had at least two counseling sessions with SCCA and multiple tests to see where she was before the transplant so they could compare how she was doing… Read More »Life After Transplant